2 Pairs of KAINN Solder Fitting Crimping Pliers

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The KAINN Soldering Crimp Pliers are designed for professional heating and gas engineers to aid in the dry connection of pipework prior to soldering.

This tool is designed to enable a complete dry fit giving freeing up hands to solder the workpiece; it’s a bit like having a third hand!

The tool adds an indentation on the copper fitting to be soldered; the crimp created provides a small point of contact between the pipe and joint which is sufficient to hold your work piece in place during solder.

The indention does not provide a permanent fix and allows the pipework to be adjusted or even dismantled.

Multiple crimps can be created in a fitting if a greater hold is required.

Multiple joints can be cleaned fluxes and crimped without the fear of the joint falling apart before soldering

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  • – Uniquely designed┬áhead that allows minimal opening of the tool as you operate in small spaces.
  • – Designed with a flat head that enables you to fit flush against walls when there is a tight space/fit
  • – Lets you complete a dry fit in a premises requiring hot permits so you can then take the fitments away from the premises outside to do the hot works.
  • – 2 pairs of KAINN Solder Fitting Crimping Pliers: 15mm & 22mm

15mm, 22mm