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The Monument 2355M 12in. & 2363L 6in. OMAT® are patented, slotted protection mats for soldering pipes and tubes to protect walls, cables, carpets and other flammable material.

The OMAT® slot has an overlap at the back which enables the protective mat to go either side of the tube or pipe being soldered so as to protect the surrounding area from burning or scorching as well as reducing the risk of fire. It is particularly useful under kitchen units and on pipes perpendicular to the wall where the use of a non-slotted mat would not easily cover the area.

The OMAT® is designed for use with pipes and tubes 15 to 22mm diameter. The size of the mats included are 12in.x 12in. 300mm x 300mm. and 6in x 6in. 150mm x150mm.